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What is a Certified Chinese Translation?

A Certified Chinese Translation means a file translated, certified and notarized by a professional translation company. But, why is there a need to certify Chinese translation? There are various reasons for you may need to get the translation certified. As it is widely known, a growing number of Chinese go abroad to travel, receive education or medical care, even immigrate. Let’s take immigration for example. An immigrant to the United States will have to deal with a complicated web of lawyers, Customs and Immigration officials and State Licensing Departments. At each approach of this process, the organization with which you are working will consider the accuracy and authenticity of the document you’ve translated. At this point, a certified Chinese translation provided by a professional company ensures you avoid a potential trouble and significant disruption. The certified translation process produces a legally binding record recognized by foreign officials, courts and medical and academic institutions.


Who Requires It?

  1. Vital Federal and States Agency—such as Passport Authority, State Department of Licensing, The Department of Vehicles and County Clerks Offices.
  2. Immigration officials—They require certified Chinese translation of foreign documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, property ownership certificate etc. for visa, immigration and custom purposes.
  3. Business and Corporations—Certified Chinese translations help validate a company’s financial reports, patent files, legal documents and business contracts for their shareholders.
  4. Academic Institutions—Many universities and credential evaluation firms require a certified Chinese translation for diplomas or transcripts as part of their admission test.
  5. Lawyers—Courts and government require certified Chinese translations of transcripts or other documents to validate the accuracy and authenticity of translations.


Why is it needed?

  1. A 2008 USCIS Study found that 21% of the immigration worker’s visa applications have been faked. So foreign officials are on high alert about fake or forged document. A certified Chinese translation can help ensures that the document has not been forged. The use of a professional translation company provided extra assurance to those officials that the document is backed by a faithful translation company and is trustworthy.
  2. A professional translation company helps the client to spare time and ensures the fast certified translation process.


Our Services.

MTS can provide you with certified Chinese translation services accompanied by:

  1. A translation Certification provided by MTS and ATA (American Translators Association) Certification.
  2. A translation Certification provided by MTS US Company and ATA (American Translators Association) and North California Translation Association.
  3. A notarization provided by United States Notary Public Office.
  4. Post Services (If you needed.)

We guarantee acceptance of our certified translation by authorities in China, USA and most countries in the world.