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Information Technology

During the process of IT and technology translation services, we are experiencing the cutting-edge innovations of this new age.

IT Translation Services

IT companies have a wealth of valuable opportunities to expand as markets around the world are developing at a faster pace and embracing the information technology age. However, in order to be successful in these new markets, products must align with the demands and expectations of your multilingual and diverse client base.

Our valuable experience in connecting cultures in the IT industry qualifies us to fulfill your information technology translation needs. We have services available in the following areas: Internet technologies, telecommunications, software, graphics, e-business, networking and system administration, and more. Our team of project managers, professional translators, editors, programmers and web designers are fully equipped to handle the diverse needs of an increasingly modern world.

Whether you need hardware translation, software localization, app localization or other technical translation and localization services, you can always rely on us for cost-effective and efficient language solutions. We will help you to reach your target market and cross those language borders.

Types of high-tech projects we translate:

•    Product Manual
•    Safety Instruction Guide
•    Help File
•    User Interface
•    App Description
•    Product Design Layout
•    Corporate Catalog and Poster
•    Product Test Report
•    Technical Standard
•    Training Document; Multimedia Courseware
•    Multilingual Smartphone Operating System
•    Profiles of Computer Peripheral
•    Various Agreements

Types of high-tech projects we localize:

•    Software Localization
•    Website Localization

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For large projects, we can even do a 300-words sample translation, at no cost to you.


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