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Interesting facts about French Language

French is an official language in 29 countries and is spoken as a first language in France and various French communities around the world. There are more than 300 million French speakers worldwide including second language speakers. The number of French speakers has been growing quickly and is estimated to reach 500 million in 2025.


Like most languages, there are many dialects spoken by French communities in different areas. French has 16 vowels, but not all of them are used in every dialect. Even though different dialects have their own rules of pronunciation, the standard rules still apply. For example, final single consonants such as ‘s’, ‘x’, and ‘z’ are silent. Final letters such as ‘c’, ‘f’, ‘k’, ‘q’ and ‘l’ are pronounced.
The written system of French consists of 26 Latin letters, with 4 diacritics on vowels, the cedilla in ⟨ç⟩ and 2 ligatures, ⟨œ⟩ and ⟨æ⟩.

Why MTS-Tech?

We provide you the services of our professional and native speaking translators to make sure that your documents get the most accurate French to Chinese translation and vice versa. We possess a credible track record of serving Fortune 500 companies. We are ready to serve you with our translation and localization services, with satisfying results.

Why we are a proficient French Chinese translation company

Our French Chinese translation company is renowned for doing the most accurate translation work in the industry. Whether you want translation for financial documents, websites, contracts, business collateral, software, mobile apps, or operating manuals, you can rely on us for all.

All of our linguists who translate documents into French are native French speakers and are well trained in translation for their respective subject matters. We also boast of a team of French linguists who are fluent in Chinese and familiar with both the French and Chinese cultures. We have extensive experience in providing English-to-French and French-to-English, French-to-Chinese, and Chinese-to-French translation and localization services for Fortune 500 companies. Whatever French translation needs you may have, no matter how large or how small, we will always take care to assign the best linguists for the work, and guarantee quality of results.

Do remember us

The next time you want to translate business document or even a love letter from any of your French chat friends to Chinese, just remember us. We can help you to decode those desires in your native language. Just to help you out, here are some cool French Chinese translationtips to enthrall your Chinese friends:

• Bonjour (Hello) – Nǐ hǎo – 你好
• Je vous remercie (Thank you) – Xièxiè – 谢谢
• fais bon voyage (Have a nice journey) – Xíngshàn zhī lǚ – 行善之旅
• quel est votre nom (What is your name) – Guìxìng –贵姓

And this is exclusively for the love birds!

• je t’aime (I love you) – Wǒ ài nǐ -我爱你

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For large projects, we can even do a 300-words sample translation, at no cost to you.


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