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For those who can not speak Korean, the most possible way to get to Korean language is through the popular South Korean TV soaps in which we can find Korean sounds soft and interesting, and honorific is frequently used to show respect and politeness to elder. Here we would like to discuss some interesting facts about the Korean language.

Simply facts about Korean

  • Approximately 80 million people speak Korean in the worldwide.
  • It is the official language of North Korea and South Korea, and one of the two official languages in China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.
  • With more and more Korean speakers work and live in the United States, Korean becomes the 8th most spoken foreignLanguage in the United States.


  • In Korean, a simple term could have a variety of different expressions. Today, many terms are taken from English expressions.
  • The Korean glossary comes from incalculable sources. Native Korean words occupy around 35% of the Korean glossary, while around 60% of the Korean glossary consists of Sino-Korean words. The remaining 5% comes from loanwords from other languages, 90% of which are from English.
  • Context is particularly important when translating Korean. A word has many different expressions dependinig on the situation and type of documents. Our customer service representatives will take care to fully understand your situation before choosing the most appropriate words to use.
  • Korean has a sophisticated honorific system. For example: questionnaires, company websites and in-house training documents need more respectable honorific expressions than news articles and patent documents.

Our Experience and Strengths

  • MTS guarantee that all our translators are top-notch who have been through rigorous training and test. Each translation project will be completed by three linguists: a translator, editor and proofreader, and each stage of TEP (translation,editing and proofreading)process will be included in the delivery file if required.
  • We have lavish experience in Korean translation.
  • Sustained High Quality.

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