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Catherine Molloy conducted “Service that Sells” workshop at MTS

With the intention to further improve our customer service, MTS invited Catherine Molloy to conduct a “Service that Sells” workshop for our sales and account management teams on Sept 7.

The workshop, subtitled as “Go the extra mile: Customer service and sales”, consists of three parts including DISC Tool, FAB Selling and The Extra Mile. In the workshop we got an overview of DISC, a tool used to identify behavioural style by measuring attributes or qualities and personality of a person, as well as FAB selling through which we can help customers quickly understand the Feature, Advantage and Benefit of our services by linking statements and personalizing the message. Topics such as Critical Elements of Customer Service, Communications, and Leadership Style are also covered in The Extra Mile section.

The workshops is contextualized to our business needs and turns out to be a very successful training session. Account managers from various working teams such as Humanity & Social Sciences, Manufacturing & Technology, and Life Sciences attended the workshop and benefited a lot through experimental and interactive learning experience. It would certainly help us in exploring core aspects of customer service and taking our work to a new level.

Catherine Molloy, director of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd, is recognized both nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s leading sales and service trainers. Having presented in Australia, and internationally Catherine and her colleagues focus on the things that keep customers coming back over and over again, provide business solutions as simple as possible and deliver outcomes that are measurable and achievable.

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