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Master Translation Services (MTS) participated in the Sixth Chinese Translation Profession Forum (CTPF)

On June 7, the Sixth Chinese Translation Profession Forum was held at Nankai University in Tianjin. The theme of this year’s forum is “Language Services in the Globalization Era: Philosophy, Technology and Innovation.” Mr. Zhonghe Wei, President of MTS, was invited to attend the forum.

Youyi Huang, Deputy Director of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), Vice President and General Secretary of the Translators Association of China, Director of the China National Committee For MTI Education, Adjunct Professor of the Nankai University, Ping Wang, Senior Inspector of the office of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China, and Jiadong Tong, Vice President of the Nankai University, attended the opening ceremony. Gaoli Zhang, Vice General Manager of the China Translation & Publishing Corporation (CTPC), and Bing Li, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages Nankai University, attended the kickoff ceremony of the Translation Internship Program.

Well-known domestic scholars, leaders from government departments, delegates from international industry associations, translation and localization companies, culture and service trade enterprises, and engineering technology contractors were invited to give speeches on specific topics. At sub-forums, the experts and scholars had in-depth discussions on such topics as “Current Conditions and Developing Trends of Global Language Service Industry”, “Re-defining Language Service Talents and Path of Talent Training”, “Path and Brand Building for Chinese Culture Go Global Endeavor”, “Feasibilities and Multi-models of Government-internship program Cooperation”, “Language Service Technology in the Era of Big Data”, and “Value-added Language Services, Cultural Trade and Technical Innovation”.

Mr. Zhonghe Wei delivered a speech titled “Integration of Asset and Business in Language Service Industry” at a sub-forum. By introducing what constitutes the supply chain of global language service industry, technical development and evolving content industry, he elaborated the challenges faced by language service industry and the horizontal and cross-industry vertical integration of asset and business to meet the challenges, and shared his observations and insights on the significance of convergence for Chinese language service industry.

CTPF is a nationwide annual forum promoting government-industry-university-research cooperation in China. Since it was first held in Peking University in 2009, CTPF has attracted extensive attention from and been actively participated by high education institutions, language service providers, buyers of translation and other stakeholders in the industry.

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