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MTS Attended 2014 Language Services Industry (Nanjing) Development Forum

On April 12, 2014 Language Services Industry Development Forum convened in Days Hotel Nanjing in Yuhuatai District, which lasted for two days, and entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and customer representatives as well as investors from the industry also attended the discussion on the innovation and development of language service industry. Mr. Zhonghe Wei, President of MTS, attended the forum by invitation and delivered a speech.

The language service industry has made some exciting developments: Firstly, the industry and its value are gradually recognized by the whole society, its position in overall national economy is being established and the whole industry will benefit from the government support. Secondly, the Chinese language industry has grown by an annual rate of 15%, and has witnessed some “service innovations” as well as signs of “industry cluster” in some major cities. The theme of this forum was “Industry Cluster, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Language Service”, discussing the development trends and requirements of Chinese language service industry, as well as the opportunity for joint development of language service and related industries. The participants discussed the topic of Nanjing ambition of developing into “central city of language service industry”. The local government and forum organizer declared to set up a “Multilingual Information Industry Base” in China (Nanjing) Software Valley, aiming to attract global language service providers into Nanjing.

Mr. Wei delivered a speech with the title of “The Integration Trends in Language Service Industry”. By introducing what constitutes the supply chain of global language service industry, technical development and evolving content industry, he elaborated the challenges faced by language service industry and the horizontal and cross-industry vertical integration of asset and business to meet the challenges, and shared his observations and insights on the significance of convergence for Chinese language service industry.

The participants made further discussion when they visited Huawei Company in the Software Valley and Nanjing Normal University.