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MTS Certified as Internship Partners for MTI Programs in China

“Certification Committee” comprising of the China National Committee for MTI Education, Translators Association of China, in accordance with the Guidelines for Granting Certification to Internship Partners for MTI Programs in China and Guidance for Granting Certification to Lecturers for MTI Programs in China, started to carry out the first certification work in July 2013, in an effort to innovate the training mode of Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) Programs and to promote the integration of “production, teaching and research” and scientific criterion of internship partners for translation education.

The Certification Commission conducted preliminary examination, review and final review for the first-phrase applicants, i.e.109 individual applicants for part-time lecturers and 29 institutional applicants for internship partners. Finally, 41 individuals were accredited for part-time lecturers, and 23 institutions got certified as internship partners. Master Translation Services (MTS) was proud to be on the list, becoming one of the first companies granted certification to Internship Partners for MTI Programs in China. Mr. Zhonghe Wei, President of MTS, Lilan Yan, QA Manager and Rongshu Zheng, Production Director, were certified as the first part-time lecturers for MTI Programs.

For more details about the certification, please refer to the list of “Granting Certification to Internship Partners and Part-time Lecturers for MTI Programs in China” on the website of Translators Association of China (

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