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MTS provides translation again for Common Talk Weekly news section

Common Talk Weekly (CTW), establish in 2002 and run by Xiamen Daily, is the first bilingual (Chinese – English) publication in China from a state-owned newspaper. For more than a decade, it has witnessed the development and prosperity of Xiamen, a coastal city in the southeast of China where our headquarters is based, and famed for its beauty and rich cultural history.

The story between MTS and CTW can be dated back to 2002. Since CTW’s establishment, our Social Science team has provided English translation for the Local News section for hundreds of issues. The task is typically challenging in consideration of wide-ranging topics, the tight deadline and high-quality requirements. Despite all the challenges, our team never failed to meet the expectations of CTW staff and readers.

Many celebrities of Xiamen city sent their congratulations when CTW resumed publication in August. Frank Wei, President of MTS, also extended his blessings in an article named “Using language to inform and educate”.

MTS will continue to provide translations for CTW, doing our part in helping people around the world to learn about our city as well as promoting communication and understanding between diverse cultures.


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