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The New Year’s Party of 2015— To anticipate a better MTS

On February 28th, the 2015 New Year’s Party of MTS was held in Xiamen, China, where the headquarters of MTS based in. The staff of the headquarters as well as the representatives of branch offices gathered together to celebrate the New Year of Goat.

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At the beginning of the party, President Zhonghe Wei made the annual report for 2014 and expressed his good wishes for 2015. In the past year, MTS attained achievements in many aspects: the volume of business continued to grow, internal translation technology training made gains which reinforced our translation team, successfully sponsored the Fifth Cross-strait Interpreting Contest Finals, and became one of the first language service providers who are committed to professional integrity and promise to follow TAC (Translators Association of China) Code of Professional Conduct., etc. In the year of 2015, we expect a better performance. More importance will be attached to the quality of our services and business development, and the new business, training courses of translation and interpreting, will be started in cooperation with Xiamen University.

After the speech, President Wei awarded the excellent employees and team of the year 2014, then the show time of the staff began. All kinds of performances were alternated with interesting games, making the party extremely lively.

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This year will see the 15th year of MTS’ establishment. With the effort of all the staff, we believe that MTS will reach new heights in 2015.