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We offer one-stop services for all your language needs.

Cultural Consultation

To improve business relationships, foster a deeper trust among partners, avoid embarrassing faux pas, and generally create a more favorable business outcome for your company, it is necessary to understand different cultural values and beliefs. Whether your firm is relocating employees (and their families) to Asia or interacting with partners in Asia, you can rely on MTS to provide effective customized cultural consultation. Our goal is to enable you to:

  • Achieve Global Competency to enhance Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Improve Communication Skills and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Raise Global Awareness
  • Highlight Similarities and Differences between Asian and your home culture
  • Avoid Stereotyping and Cultural Faux pas

Brand Name Check

When targeting new overseas markets, you need to ensure that your brand name is accurately translated and culturally relevant instead of distorted or simply lost in translation. At MTS, we first consider the cultural background of your target market, and then our experienced consultants will give their professional advice on how adapt your business message using technical publications, new media, mobile, and engineering services.

Translation Assessment

If you want to evaluate an existing translation but don’t know the language, we can help you out. Our evaluators use a comprehensive evaluation system based on how well the candidate has comprehended the meaning of the message, as well as the mechanics of the target language such as grammar, vocabulary and spelling, and of course, the fluency of the translation. Simply send a test translation to MTS for evaluation, and you will receive the results within agreed timeline.

Language Asset Management

Translations can be valuable assets to a company if they can be recycled. Without language asset management, there is a significant potential risk for inefficiencies, redundancies, and inconsistencies in the exchange of content and message transfer. At MTS, our in-house engineers work with advanced Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools such as SDL Trados and memoQ to manage Translation Memory (TM) and Terminology. It allows you to reuse preferred translations and glossaries efficiently while saving costs and maintaining consistency across all interfaces.

Expert Review

Expert review refers to experts in specific fields give your translated documents a final review. We have experts of different academic and industry backgrounds who check that the content is aligned with current standards, and that the industry-specific terminology is accurate and up-to-date. The expert review service is especially useful for highly sensitive or important documents. Below are some subject fields we recommend for the expert review process:

  • Ph.D. dissertations
  • Research papers (Medical, Social Science, etc)
  • Business Presentations / Brochures

Machine Translation & Post-editing

Machine Translation (MT) uses software programs to translation a text from one language to another.

There are two types of machine translation systems: rules-based and statistical. Rule-based relies on countless built-in language and grammar rules plus dictionaries for common words for each language pair. Statistical systems complete translation by analyzing huge amounts of data and corpora.

Machine Translation is not appropriate for every situation, but when applied correctly, it can contribute to increased productivity, lower costs and reduced time to market. However, both MT systems do not compare to human translation in terms of accuracy, fluency, and consistency. Depending on the function of the information being translated, MT can be efficiently used with human translators doing a post-edit check to improve the quality.

We consider the requirements of our clients before hand-picking the right bundle of MT post-editing services, through which users would reach better translation quality and high performance with less investment.


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For large projects, we can even do a 300-words sample translation, at no cost to you.


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