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Quality is of paramount importance and we understand how critical accuracy in translation is to your business. A low quality translation, although cheaper, may end up costing much more in damage to company’s reputation. Hence, MTS implements strict measures of quality control throughout the translation process from the day we receive your source files to final delivery. For more than a decade, we have been committed to providing consistently high quality Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation and localization services.

In keeping with that commitment, we have implemented a rigorous quality assurance process: MTS QA Process and Metrics. It is based on the SAE J2450 and Lisa QA Model 3.0, and developed further. We adapted it to fit the specifics of Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages and to fully integrate the project management, production and quality process.

Our specialized QA department evaluates the work of both our contracted and in-house staff regularly. It is responsible for ensuring high performance and high standard services, conducting regular quality inspections, training sessions to our linguists and more. Linguists performance is monitored both by the volume of their work and their quality score from the QA department.

This process has proved effective and essential in maintaining the highest quality results, and has won us recognition and respect from Fortune 500 companies and world famous translation service providers around the world.

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