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MTS Sponsored the Fifth Cross-strait Interpreting Contest Finals

On 19th October, the Fifth Cross-strait Interpreting Contest Finals kicked off in Xiamen University. 22 players from 240 colleges and universities in mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan made themselves stand out in the fierce competition with more than 3,000 competitors. These winners gathered in Xiamen and competed against 3 foreign invited players from Monterey Institute of International Studies, Newcastle University, and University of Surrey for the final title. Since the very first Cross-strait Interpreting Contest, Master Translation Service has always been a major sponsor and supporter of this event. This year, Master Translation Service sponsored the competition final again with KL Communications Ltd from UK and boosted a great success of the contest.

Themed as “Technology and Life”, the Final Contest consisted of two parts with three sections, including keynote interpreting, conference interpreting and conversation interpreting. During the contest, the contestants fully presented their solid linguist foundation, superb interpreting skills and natural and unrestrained manners on the stage, impressed the audiences with their speaking sparkles and an exciting atmosphere, and gained warm applause from time to time. After the one-day intense competition, Chia-Fu Chang, from National Taiwan Normal University, won the Outstanding Prize; Yufei Qian from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shih-Ch’i Chiang and Fan Yao-K’uan from National Taiwan Normal University tied for the First Prize. The Outstanding Prize winner will enjoy a study tour to London for a week; the First, Second and Third Prize winners will be awarded corresponding aid funds and a study tour across the Taiwan Strait. Mr. Wensheng Tang, former Vice President of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Vice President of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Standing Vice President of Translators Association of China, Mr. P’o-Sen Liao, President of Taiwan Association of Translation and Interpretation, and Ms. Xinli Zhang, Vice President of Xiamen University, etc. attended the opening ceremony of the final contest on that day.

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As a grand interpretation event with significant influence and extensive participation across the Taiwan Strait, Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest is an excellent platform to “increase non-governmental exchange, strengthen cross-strait cooperation and enhance mutual development” for both sides of the Strait. By virtue of its predominant geographical location and popularity, as well as its profound heritage and unique academic standing in cultivation of interpreting talents and theoretical study, Xiamen University successfully hosted the first Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest in 2009, which created great impact on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and has become a regular event held on a yearly basis. Featuring the professional, scientific, challenging and entertaining nature, the Contest builds a communication platform for interpreting learners across the Strait, therefore enhancing people’s understanding for interpretation, stimulating young students’ enthusiasm for interpretation learning and presenting their specialties, and making outstanding contribution to the scientific evaluation and selection of much-needed interpreting talents for the society.

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