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Simple Facts about Japanese

  • There are approximately 125 million Japanese speakers in Japan and Japanese communities in the U.S., Brazil, Peru, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.
  • The modern written form of Japanese consists of two syllabic scripts: “Hiragana” and “Katakana”. It also uses Chinese characters called “Kanji”.
Things to note:
  • Japanese has a sophisticated honorific system that indicates the relative status of each speaker.
  • The written form of Japanese is largely influenced by Chinese. It adapts a large portion of Chinese characters, called “kanji” in Japan.
  • European languages have also had an influence on Japanese, as there are a large amount of English loanwords. For example, “ketchup” in Japanese sounds very close to English: “ketyappu” (ケチャップ). All technical terms are transliterated using Katakana. For example, “computer” will be phonetically spelled out as ‘con’ ‘pu’ ‘ta’ using Katakana (i.e. not conceptually translated).
Our Experience and Strengths
  • Native linguists in specialized sectors: We guarantee all of our linguists are native Japanese speakers and recognized experts in their subject areas. We have a reliable network of native translators in Japan and bilingual Japanese professionals in United States that have worked with us for years. We will handpick the most suitable translator for your project who is best equipped to deliver the best quality. Besides English<>Japanese translation, our production center in China is also specialized in Japanese<>Chinese projects with experienced in-house editors.
  • Rich experience in Japanese project management: As a certified company with 15 years of experience in serving clients across the globe, we have been successful in a wide variety of Japanese related projects and have accumulated abundant project management experience, especially in the IT, medical, healthcare, mechanical, engineering, financial, and legal industries.
  • Quality Assurance: We know for a fact that it is quality that has the last word in any project, and therefore we are obsessed with the details in order to deliver immaculate quality and effective communication to our clients.

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