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Interesting Facts About Chinese Language

  • Chinese is the highest spoken language in the world. Over 1 billion people – nearly one-fifth of the world’s population – speak Chinese as their native language.
  • Written Chinese is not an alphabetic language. We call Chinese characters “squared characters”.
  • The Chinese script is a logographic script structured so that each character represents a single concept and characters are then combined to form compound words. Although there are several distinct languages or dialects spoken in China (including Mandarin and Cantonese), the written characters are uniformly understood across the whole country (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) because the characters are based on meaning, not on sound.

Considerations Before Hiring Chinese Translation Service

  • Professional Chinese translators usually work with only one of the two written versions: simplified or traditional Chinese characters.
  • The traditional Chinese used in Taiwan differs from that of Hong Kong and also from that of Chinese communities abroad in Europe and America.
  • Many companies treat them as two separate languages and have separate teams.
  • It is important to carefully understand your target market so always check with your clients to determine the correct version to use.

Simplified vs. Traditional

There are two variations of written Chinese characters: simplified and traditional.

  • Traditional Chinese is the older form of the script and is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other locations abroad, including various “Chinatowns” in the west. Traditional Chinese characters are both more complex and more numerous than their simplified counterparts.
  • Simplified Chinese came about as a result of reducing the stroke-count of traditional characters to make them easier to remember and write. Simplified Chinese was developed in Mainland China (and adopted in Singapore) in order to increase literacy. As part of the simplification process, many traditional characters were collapsed into one unified character in the simplified version.

Which version to choose for Chinese Language Services

In order to determine the correct version to use, you need to consider you target market:

  • Mainland China: Simplified Chinese
  • Taiwan: Traditional Chinese
  • Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese
  • Singapore: Simplified Chinese

Why we are the proficient Chinese Translation Company

As a company with 5 production centers located across Mainland China and Taiwan, we are more than confident in offering professional Chinese translation services to our national and international clients.

We, at MTS-Tech, offer certified Chinese translation services to our respected clients, from across the globe. Our professional Chinese translation experts hold a wide experience of working with Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese language translations. From marketing and advertisement to education, our Chinese language translators are providing adept, dependable services to businesses belonging to various streams of businesses.

We are on the board of the Translators Association of China (TAC) – a national association of translators equivalent to the ATA – and are well known for our capability to offer good quality Chinese language translation and Chinese localization services.

Our Capability and Competitive Edge:

  • More than 50 in-house Chinese language translators located in Mainland China and Taiwan.
  • Accurate translations for companies all over the globe by our linguists from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.
  • In-depth cultural understanding for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and Singapore.
  • 15 years experience in serving clients across the globe, and ISO9000: 2008 certified.

Our language interpreters have been accredited by government authorities and universities. We, too, are a certified translation company in China, catering services to some of the highly-renowned businesses, universities, colleges, television channels, and entertainment businesses, all over the world.

It is the expertise and experience of our linguists that we are known for meeting hundred percent client requirements. We make certain that the assignments are delivered right on time, so that you can deliver your services to your consumers at the right time.

Apart from Chinese translation, we also offer Chinese localization services to businesses looking to enter the Chinese market. We can optimize and alter the design, theme and content of your site and software application as per the preferences, likings, and opinions of the Chinese language-speaking people.

Our capacity for Chinese language translation is unmatched. You can depend on us for your requirements. We can transform your website and software application to be suitable for the Chinese audiences. Or, if you have a website or application in Chinese language, and want it to be optimized for English speaking people, we can adroitly do that for you.

Not sure which version to use? No problem, contact us at MTS and get a free consultation.


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For large projects, we can even do a 300-words sample translation, at no cost to you.


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